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I am pleased to offer a flexible 15% discount to any active duty US serviceman or woman, any US Veteran of Foreign Wars, any American Legion member or any contributing member with at least 200 posts or 2 years membership in the communities of:, PaleoPlanet,,,

While we do not take a strong position of pro-militarism and will always support peace through diplomacy, honorable competition and education, we would be deeply remiss to ignore the sacrafice of our fighting and peacekeeping men and women.


We offer bows and other archery equiptment in a variety of styles, using indigenous california hardwoods and specialty imports. We will make custom pieces by arrangement.



We offer handmade knives, usually in simple steels in many handle materials. We will make custom pieces by arrangement.



We offer an occasional selection of and knapped lithic art such as stone knives, spear and arrow points, as we have the materials and the time.